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POEM: My Beloved



I love you today more than I did yesterday,
I love you in the present, past and future tense;
I love you blindly hoping to see no one else,
I love you sadly knowing that fate could do us part;
I love you purely thinking of nothing else.

I feel the sadness of your pain,
I feel the happiness of your joy;
Right here in my chest,
For you are part of me and I you.

I love you from top top to bottom,
Whether in storm or in thunder;
In the middle of fire or drowning in ocean,
Let me be crucified for your sake;
Your smile is all I want to see when my breathe returns.

I live in you,
As you live in me,
I cannot function without you.

I love you gladly knowing that you are all mine,
I love you wholy with no space left to feel,
I love you with my soul, body and everything else;
For I and everything that I have are all yours to have.

You are the mistake that I want to make everyday,
You are the strength that keep me going,
You are the weakness that I never want to let go;
For I love all that you are.

I love you crazily without fear of anything else,
And I understand that someday;
We may wake up with tears in the eyes,
But it’s also a moment that I am willing to share with you;
Because you are my hell and paradise at the same time.

I love you when the rain is falling,
I love you when the drought is so severe,
I love you when the place is dark;
I love you when the sun shines at its best.

I love you when the times are hard,
I love you when the moment is sweet,
In the dark room when breathing my last;
I love you when the moon is shinning so bright,
I love you when it goes missing so dark.

I love you spontaneously with no price of pride,
I love you neatly with my very being of saint,
Whether a sin or worship, I love you with my whole being.

I love you timelessly with no plan to ever stop.
I love you whether they like it or not,
And if the sun sets on my time,
I will love you from heaven where there is no time to end.


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October 2023
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