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Establish NCE Courses In Rano, Citizens Urge Kano Gov’t



The Concerned Citizens of Rano Local Government Area of Kano State have called on Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf to establish National Certificate of Education courses outside urban areas of the State, Rano Emirate in particular.

In an open letter to the Governor jointly signed by Buhari Abba, Yusuf Bala Usman, Engr. Usman Abba Rano, Surajo Ilah Ahmad, Nafi’u Umar, Yahaya Kabiru Sani and Muhammad Zubairu, the concerned citizens said, “as a concerned and engaged citizen of Rano Local Government, We are writing to extend our heartfelt commendation for the recent decision to reduce registration fees for state-owned tertiary institutions in Kano State by 50% for residents of the state. This initiative reflects your commitment to improving access to quality education for the people of Kano and promoting socio-economic development through education.

“Your dedication to providing affordable education is truly commendable, and it will undoubtedly alleviate the financial burden on many families and students striving to attain higher education in our state. This decision is a testament to your administration’s focus on building a brighter future for Kano State by ensuring that education remains a pathway to success for all residents.

“We would like to bring an important matter to your attention. As we continue to expand educational opportunities, we kindly request your consideration in initiating NCE (National Certificate in Education) courses outside the Kano urban center. Specifically, we propose the establishment of NCE courses in Rano, a central location within the Rano Emirate.”

The letter added that this strategic move would provide immense benefits to the residents of Kibiya, Bunkure, Sumaila, Tudun Wada, and the neighboring areas.

“These communities have untapped potential and are eager to engage in higher education without the logistical challenges of commuting to the urban center. Establishing NCE courses in Rano would not only fulfill their educational aspirations but also contribute to the growth and development of these regions.

“Expanding educational offerings beyond the urban core aligns with your administration’s vision of inclusive development and equitable distribution of opportunities. It would empower individuals in these areas to access quality education and foster intellectual growth, eventually leading to improved socio-economic conditions.

“We are confident that your thoughtful consideration of this appeal will yield positive outcomes for the people of Kano State. Your leadership has shown a keen understanding of the educational needs of our diverse population, and we believe that the expansion of NCE courses to Rano would be a significant step in the right direction.

“Once again, we commend your efforts to enhance education and uplift the lives of Kano State residents. Your vision and commitment continue to inspire us all. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of your administration’s initiatives in the years ahead,” it concluded.


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August 2023
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