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Hadejia Chairman’s Achievements



By Garba Sidi

Honourable Bala Umar, the Chairman of Hadejia Local Government, is an exceptional leader who has done an excellent job in transforming his community.

His leadership skills, coupled with his dedication and commitment to the development of Hadejia, have earned him the respect and admiration of his constituents.

Under his leadership, Hadejia has witnessed tremendous growth in various sectors of the economy, including agriculture, education, and healthcare. His administration has implemented various programs and policies aimed at empowering the people of Hadejia and enhancing their quality of life.

One of Honourable Bala Umar’s most significant achievements is in the area of agriculture. He has implemented various programs aimed at improving agricultural productivity, including providing farmers with access to modern farming techniques and equipment, as well as subsidizing the cost of inputs like fertilizers and seeds. As a result, farmers in Hadejia have been able to increase their yields, which has led to improved food security and increased income for the farmers.

Another area where Honourable Bala Umar has excelled is in the provision of healthcare services. His administration has invested heavily in the healthcare sector, building new hospitals and health centers, and equipping them with modern equipment and facilities. This has improved the quality of healthcare services in Hadejia and has led to a significant reduction in the mortality rate.

Education is another sector where Honourable Bala Umar has made a significant impact. He has implemented various programs aimed at improving access to education, especially for girls. His administration has built new schools, provided scholarships to students, and improved the quality of teaching and learning in schools.

Honourable Bala Umar’s leadership style is one of inclusivity and collaboration. He is always willing to listen to the concerns of his constituents and work with them to find solutions to their problems. His ability to bring people together and work towards a common goal has been instrumental in the success of his administration.

In conclusion, Honourable Bala Umar is a visionary leader who has made significant strides in transforming Hadejia Local Government. His dedication, commitment, and leadership skills have earned him the respect and admiration of his constituents.

His administration’s achievements in agriculture, healthcare, and education are a testament to his leadership and vision for the community. Hadejia is indeed lucky to have a chairman like Honourable Bala Umar.


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May 2023
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