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Why Senator Barau Jibrin Suppose To Be The 10th Senate President – Maisudan



By Abdullahi Muhammad Sheka

Kano, as the largest commercial and industrial hub of Northern Nigeria, has played a significant role in the country’s economic and political landscape. Despite its importance, Kano has yet to produce a civilian president, vice president or senate president. In light of these facts, it is only reasonable to conclude that Kano deserves a chance to produce a Senate President in the upcoming 10th Assembly.

The Chairman Maliya Media Team work. Abdullahi Salisu Maisudan made this clarification during media brief last week, he emphasis that 10th Assembly brings about a fresh political outlook for the North and Nigeria at large, and it is imperative that the Senate President be someone who understands the political terrain and is capable of steering the ship of the Senate towards meaningful progress. Senator Barau Jibrin, a seasoned politician and legislator, is the perfect answer to Nigerian Youths call for a Senate President.

Maisudan remind the Nigerians that Senator Jibrin is an experienced politician who has been in the National Assembly since 1999 as Member House of representatives, from 2015 as Senator representing Kano North Senatorial District. He held several positions, including Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, where he played a critical role in the passage of the 2019 budget.

’Senator Jibrin’s leadership qualities, coupled with his vast knowledge of the legislative process and his experience in managing complex issues, make him the ideal candidate for the Senate Presidency. He is a man of integrity, with a deep understanding of the issues affecting his constituents and the country at large.

The chairman of Northwest APC Youth Solidarity Forum also recommended Barau I. Jibrin that among the contestants he is hardworking vibrant and dedicating member of the Red Chamber, Distinguished Senator Barau I. Jibrin. As a serving Senator, who spent many years in the National Assembly, I believe the cap will fit him, as such he deserves to lead the 10th Assembly considering his Punctuality, Functionality, Capabilities, Series of Activities and Capacity of leadership”.

Aged 63 years, Senator Barau I. Jibrin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Masters Certificate in Financial Management and Pricing, Masters Certificate in Management and Masters of Business Administration (MBA). He also holds a Certificate in Financial Management for Business Decisions from the prestigious Cornell University, United State of America and other researches and courses.

The groups emphasis that Kano deserves to produce the Senate President in the upcoming 9th Assembly, and Senator Barau Jibrin is the perfect candidate to lead the Senate towards meaningful progress. With his experience, leadership qualities, and integrity, Senator Jibrin is the answer to Kano’s call for a Senate President.


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