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Hadejia Jagaban Threading The Jagaban Path



By Garba Sidi

Having a leader like him, is something miraculous, Honourable Abdulkadir Umar (Bala T.O). His efforts and hard work toward people not only known here in Hadejia, spreaded all over Nigeria. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, candidate of the presidential seat in the party APC, visited Jigawa state and behind that visit is to hand in his need of support from you.

The reason I said that is, seeing and hearing the good people of Jigawa love for you as the result of your struggle in providing beneficial things to the state, gave him courage in all the chairman’s and other politician’s of the state, is he only deserved to take his appointment in his campaign team.

It is well known politicians and government parastatals saluting you for your unmeasurable effort in struggle all over the state and in even the whole Nigeria.

Among the whole chairmen of Jigawa state, is you the only one govenor Muhammad Badaru not surveying just because he had no doubt on him. And whatever goes with it, accepting it without any waste of time and we know the closeness of His Excellency Muhammad Badaru Abubakar with Bola Ahmed (Tinubu), so, known the struggle and good leadership style of Honourable Abdulkadir Umar (Bala T.O).

The amount of love and care exchanged between him and hadejian’s, which expanded to Jigawa state people. And that is the result of good leadership.

Honourable Abdulkhadir Umar (Bala T.O) wouldn’t be brought or merged in where justice does not exist. And any place you found him and with whoever is together must be about the masses ‘ lives.

By considering Bola Ahmed Tinubu ambitions toward Nigeria’s with a crucial agenda gave his support to him. And as we are seeing always beautifying Hadejia with anything he can. If we supported and voted for Bola Ahmed (Tinubu) in the upcoming election, we would have a better chance of making the town better than it is today.

I know your love for him is unmeasurable. So, now is the time to show that love by voting for his candidate to help him decorate hadejia more.

However, since he is trying all his best in fulfilling our need as our leader, we tested and observed his justice on all sides. Even those in the opposite party saluting his effort through stoning him with sweet words in any place they see his name or hear his name pronounced.

Always contributing to islam activities, just recently provided land to the Turkish foundation after showing their interest in building mosque. And day ago help prepared a two days lecture which chief Imam of Hadejia Malam Yusuf Abdurahman Ya’u lead which took place in the General Mosque of Hadejia and in all these two days Honourable Abdulkadir Umar (Bala T.O) attended the place after provided ever support to the preparation committee.

I urge Hadejia people and Jigawa state people in general to vote Bola Ahmed (Tinubu), because of his ambition of eradicating Nigeria’s problems.


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September 2022
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