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Life is All About Time



By Abdulganiyu Kabir Ahmad

‌Indeed, time is the most beautiful and significant factor in life, when used appropriately and effectively through humans’ life. ‌It is seconds that start fluctuating through life, decline then to death, along the way of very soul. After brought-out of every fetus, psychologically has to undergo some stages of growth and development, physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

These are mostly what determine who you are and defines a bolster of your life. ‌It doesn’t matter how many times you broke down. Actually, it is all about how you stand up and move forward. I believe you will agree with me that everyone possesses a personal bag of destinations on his/her back which has been clarified that none of us will run-away from those destinations. No matter, you will never escape from what the Almighty organized for you orderly.

‌However, I would like to emphasize on the fact “WAKE-UP IN THE RESPECTIVE TIME” Because, working hard in the morning leads to a very immense and huge, meaningful work. Work prior to the time before you may probably be late in your non-regurgitative life that will never be repeated any more unless when you curb it while it was rolling.

‌It’s also more better in enjoying, grasping the lesson and so forth for a student that comes to the class earlier when compared with the one comes in late. Imagine their level of understanding and comfortability in the class?

‌Some people refuse to stand early and work over their activities in the right time which definitely leads to wrecking their lives. Some underrate and way laid a particular business due to the less profit, they don’t know that everything starts from low to the high, and business is all about how you build it from the foundation.

‌It is really very frustrating to see a number of some people that are about 18-27 years old breathing heavily to join the good-looking, belligerent youths in their attempts to impress ladies. Instead of looking neat with empty pocket, no business discarding their precious time, Some with even having no SSCE certificates busy realizing that time is fixed statically, thought that time is enough for them always available.

‌Having known that time never stops, this is my appeal to my readers, wait and always be available! As you imagine the way each second is going unstoppable any more, that’s how we’ll all perish, inevitably, like dried leaves on a neem tree.

Look at the world, observe how people are moving on the street in antagonistic directions with the intention to achieve something else, some may even encounter death on their way glaring at them. Why wouldn’t you alter yourself from the dilapidated path to the one that fits anyone—the one you should?

A myriad number of people spend their time trying to find someone worth waking up to! But, the terrible thing to be noted is that time flies like the flies, but the difference is that, time never returns. When it’s gone, it won’t be retrieved. The good news is you are the pilot that carries yourself to your befitting destination.

‌This life has two basic things for the young ones. I may choose a standard business to be consistent and reliant of myself or go in search of knowledge. If possible, one could mingle them both and masticate them. I believe one day you may probably end eliminating the good future with respect to the work and prayers you had done.

‌However, some four things that can never be retrieved to be considered: the stone after it is thrown, the word after it is said, the occasion after it’s gone, and the time after it it’s gone. Therefore I will not let my time to be gone without doing a monotonous tasks that will improve my life and my family.

‌One among the most basic goals to everybody is getting married with kids. Have you ever imagined people that suffer nowadays struggling of what to even eat and get shelter? Yes, there’s destiny but everything in this world must ultimately be found from something else directly or indirectly. Yes, I repeat it is all about time.

‌Time Is Like a River. You can’t touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never passed again. Get ready to dive your finger completely before it passes forever. Maintain, regulate and manage your time at each level you find yourself from now.

Abdulganiyu Kabir Ahmad writes from College Of Nursing And Midwifery, Gombe.


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