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Be Shrewd, Don’t Let Expertism And Accolades To Critically Become Your Achilles Heel



By Musa Shehu Ɗahiru

Ab initio, It’s proverbially known that when you start inhaling the world’s atmosphere, you must either choose a favorable path on your own or the life chooses for you, it is something incontrovertibly, I believe you are not obvious to what life choice to people.

This article goes simultaneously between political and life realms because the latter serves as a malign dysmorphic and ephemeral, as it is our core focus and priority contemporaneously.Do you know which hallway the life—which is likely to formulate unhesitatingly —often prefers to anybody who doesn’t decide wisely on his own?

I guess the answer shall be negatively unpalatable because of its callous disregard for the feelings of responsible people who are legends and belligerents toward the direction of life.

I assume and urge you to speculate the same for its(the life) likeness to mislead and hoodwink if extra care is not taken.

As your nose is meant to breathe air to survive, your eyes are meant to catch a glimpse of noticeable quirks, your mind is meant to discern what is positively optimistic, and your ears are meant to eavesdrop on what will vitalize your life and make it more advantageous, so by contrast, that is how your brain is meant to differentiate between the myriad fortunes and dreadful boulevards that life offers you.

Your brain determines who you are; what you do and how you will end up.

Don’t Allow some folks to bamboozle you with mere macaroon and the insufficient amount that is not worth a cash cow that would cater for your one-day crucial needs to absorb or in place of topping in your rainy-day fund just to exaggerate their tiny political interests, intensify their deceitful personalities dishonestly and make you bellicose and censorious toward denigrating your wishful thinking on social media with your friends.

Furthermore, it is more pathetic that they are completely far away from mentoring and empowering us to be responsible members of our society to fulfill the huge chasms between the appropriate and malapropos administration.

It is high time we preen and make ourselves fastidious politically in order to ameliorate the horrendous and despicable political climate of our country that is incessantly diving into the Bermuda Triangle.

Alternatively, we must make an astute move to bring about the positive change we are desperately craving without indulging in Promethean exercises.

In conclusion, we must evolve with some significant prerequisites before we actualize our independent standards of living.
Being independent comprises the following:
and social stability.

Unless we obtain the aforementioned principles, our contemporary situation would remain as Scylla and Charybdis.

I have made an effort and outlet what I have in mind, what remains is the implementation.

I pray, may we succeed!

Shehu, can be reached via or

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May 2022
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