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POEM: …On Workers Day



By Lawal Mu’azu

Before today, yesterday was so dark
Winds were blowing lazily
We lift our curtains to see through the windows
But darkness deepens awing

Eyes could not see the closet nose
Doors of blessings shut aclose

We reach for pockets to drink water
But our pay was not large enough to even take us home
A worker sleeping with empty stomach
Grilling in pain of waiting and no pay
With what was he to feed the children?

We cry out the pains to master
But the master could not do a thing to change the story
It was almost a curse to be called a civil servant
The hope of worker was at lost
When the daybreak arrived at door
With a new master of hope

Today, we can sleep soundly at night
Without fear that rats in office will eat our yams

We can go to places with smiles on faces
We can feed our households and give our remains to neighbors
For the day is so bright and eyes can see the highest mountains
Basking in glory and honor
Because we have a new master that stand awatch at night

Protecting our stomachs and giving light to the career
We walk the hardest path
And travel the longest miles
We put down our sweats and give our all to make this nation a home

We stroll with pride,
Labouring for states and nation

Today, as we say happy workers’ day in Ha-haa,
We glorify the strongest of soldiers,
Who has set a new path for workers
We pray for glory to find way to his home
And sit there without end.
Comrade Yakubu Garba is the reason today that we can say
Again and again, Happy Worker’s Day!

~Lawal Mu’az


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May 2022
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