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2019 Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment And Matters Arising



First of all I want to thank the Comtroller General of the NCS for what in recent times seems to be the most merit based Recruitment. The problem now as it stands can best be summed up with the Hausa saying that “wanka bai biya kudin sabulu ba”.

A brief summary of the recruitment is as follows, Applications were made opened and closed in 2019, Candidates were shortlisted for exams in January 2020 and successful candidates were shortlisted a year after in Febraury 2021 and July 2021 Respectively.

As it stands most of the persons screened in these 2 dates don’t know their status as to whether they have passed the screening stage or not.

Speculations have been flying around from an alleged power tussle between the Minister of Finance and the CGC, Promotions, lack of logistics for training, and the recent one that NCS is using the recruitment as a bait over the National Assembly for get budgets passed and other favours, whatever is the reason I believe the poor applicants deserve better if for nothing but for their mental health and so they can move on.

Some of these applicants have hinged their last hope on the Recruitment considering the stage they have reached, some were lucky to get other Job offers but are yet to decide as their preference is the NCS Offer, some female applicants went pregnant and have now delivered, some paused their weddings, some can’t continue with their postgraduate studies, some have lost focus in their present jobs while some have not renewed their Rents thinking next week, next month they will be called for training or documentation, and gradually it’s getting to months and 2022 is around the corner and still no light at the end of the tunnel for these poor applicants who have no one to fight for them.

I want to use this space to call the attention of the Nigeria customs Service Board, Management and the Minister of Finance and Col. Hameed Ali that Please they should address these candidates and tell them whether they have made it to the final list and commence the documentation and training of these Applicants so that they can have peace of mind and those who didn’t make it can move on with their lives and no the NCS owes them nothing.

Concerned Nigerian Citizen and Tax payer.

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