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On Ganduje’s Family Scandals: Things Falling Apart?



By Ali Tijjani Hassan

Motherhood is an irreplaceable and earthly gift of love that God bestowed upon us. No one over this world that suffice and unneeded to that love.

It appear strange and rare to Hausa community standard for a son to take any of his parents to court for a dispute.

Recently, a report from Premium Times Newspaper caused an unusual reaction against Abdulaziz Ganduje, Gov Ganduje’s eldest son, resulting from his recent report to corruption anti graft agency, EFCC, ought his maternal mother, Prof. Hafsat Ganduje, with an alleged privatization of public assets (plots and Money) to self-enrichment.

After the reports, several people are spewing a curse and ills wish upon him. But, the application of justice is needed to be rendered highly.

The issue supposed to be looked from the two contrary objectives so as, to comprehend it insightfully.

Firstly, Abdulaziz Ganduje, as a Nigerian, a virtue of truthfulness and spirit of patriotism are generally expected from him.

It’s constitutional responsibility upon the arm of every good citizen to report any illicit act practicing on his sight, if he fulfilled this duty, the country will be proud of him and entitled to address as patriotic citizen. So if he did this for the love of his fatherland, he must be supported and appreciated for his effort to reintegrate his fatherland. We can honorably say a well-done to him, and there is nothing to be amazed with his action, cause the Lord omnipotent is powerful to bring up a good from contaminated and contaminated from good.

Secondly, Abdulaziz Ganduje, as a politician who is craving of attaining power. He may used his adulterant mind to strategies the ploy and deceive the country men to gimmicks worldly recognition. He make it, but not sufficient to surpluses a deficit of a mother as Prof. Hafsat to him.
He would then end his life as an underrated, and humiliated individual who chooses to distant his self from Lord’s Mercy by defiled and defamed the character of a woman that womb and nurses him at the early stage of life his life.

Giveaway, I would like to remind us one of the famous Hadith from the Holy messenger of Allah that said that “For a person to get Allah’s support it depends on his relationship with his parents, if they are happy (pleased) with him Allah too is happy with him, and if they sad with him vice versa”.

May our be parents be pleased with us!

Ali Tijjani Hassan, written from Potiskum, Yobe State and can be reached

September 2021
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