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On Zamfara Saga: Why Siding With Matawalle And Falsifying Bulama?



Actually I feel shock and at same time attack seeing how some people are eager to crush Bulama Bukarti hard earned reputation and sumptuous personality simply because he reported what they didn’t expect from him at this juncture. Why is saying the truth become a crime today, more especially against men of political position?

Well, one should do himself a favor to know one paramount thing attached to Journalism. It’s part and parcel of of journalism ethics that a journalist must be honest and he be consistent with the truth in all his affairs. More especially when one is part of investigative journalism for its an area where in dept research on a topic or phenomenon is highly required and if the report appears to lack anything apart from the above mentioned attributes, then it could be abortive.

Evidently, those who are accustomed with terrorism updates and news can stand in a better position to attract this. As we have seeing and testified this from several journalist, national and international, home and foreign ones. The journalistic affairs of one topnotch investigative journalist in Nigeria is enough to prove how honest and brutal with the truth journalist has to be.

Meanwhile they shouldn’t worry who ex will be gored when the actual happening is reported to the public because they are after their job nothing else.

In the fight against Boko Haram terrorist in Nigeria and indeed some part of terrorist affected neighboring countries the influence of veteran journalist Ahmad Salkida in reporting the actual happenings can never be overemphasized, for he has been consistent with truth-telling activities without fear or favor of any being and on that basis ground he generated his overwhelming respect, love and massive audience from within. With that we came to realize that journalism is an act humanitarian service that only men of principles can excellently do.

However, despite him being a person of an unknown whereabout, we yet manage to testify his accounts and reports with regards to any terrorist activities within and outside our outskirt simply because he has an expertise on. Then why shall we be so hesitant to refute an update brought by someone whom we know he is part of us only the difference is that he is being in to exile to London for some reasons when we can afford to be agreeable with Silkida’s updates. If you say Salkida might have some informants among BH then why Bulama would be in exception in that regards since both are expert journalists?

Furthermore, If memory can serve us well, not so long when Shekau ( B H faction leader ) was declared dead by our security agencies and other respective media houses, people of a greater percentage in Nigeria and outside failed to agree just because lies had been made severally in attached to his departure on different occasions and later come out to debunk the false claim himself until we heard from the horse mouth (Ahmad Salkida of Humangle newspaper) testifying the joyous dead of Shekau.

This alone can send a strong reliable signal that those people of a greater impact to our journalism field because they are are merchants of sincere, honest as well as genuine updates. For they hardly peddle lies to gather supports or to attract public attention just as your demigod (Nigerian politicians) do.

Nevertheless, if you are to insist on what Bulama recently released with regards to Zamfara war against terror saga that it’s a fake then I can stand in a better portion to challenge you on why do you become eager to testify and glorify any update that is emanated from Nigerians despite knowing they are no longer truthful allies when it comes to sensitive issue, is Matawalle different from the rest or you are just trying to be intellectually naive on his issue?

Despite being our politicians fake change agent, it’s obvious that they also are blatant liars when it comes to anything having a nexus with politics or security, they lack even a mere particles of sincerity attached to their personalities and profession unlike the journalist who are often tirelessly working to feed the public a succulent updates about the ongoing global issues then why do you expect us side not with the journalist, though they have their own lapses as any human. Meaning they are bound to err, make mistakes and some times deliberately misinformed people as some do.

Nonetheless, In spite of having a rare percentage among them missing the lane of honesty and moral conducts in their affairs, we can rather rate them excellent far better than politicians because in most cases when they goof, they promptly move to render a public apology against their nuisances while such habit is found rare in political profession. So with that we can say ” thank God ” because they are doing great and we are grateful of their efforts.

Above all, I must find it rational to side with Bulama this time around for upon all the packages he rendered under this kidnapping, banditry and other unethical business says that is fast thriving along northwest axis we have never find a falsy one, so why now just because he says ” No serious Military operation ” going in the state, and why glorifying Matawalle over his erroneous updates which are hundred percent out of political tunes and sheer ulterior motives.

If that should be the case, then I don’t see the reason why I would go hellbent to uncritically accept whatever cooks and presented to us by Matawalle in regards to this bandwagon issue for I’m sure as a politicians with all the attributes of Nigerian politicians he can afford to the worst to depicts how clean and workaholic or committed he is in this game when father of Nigerian political integrity isn’t big for this then who is Matawalle?

And if you like call us any ugly name you find wanting even if it goes beyond ” Merchant of ugly news ” or ” Agents of doom ” but we can’t afford doing away with our sense accepting any jargons from unreliable people who have excelled in decorating their face with treachery, perfidious as well as deceptive regalia of politics to hoodwink people, we are above that, and we can’t be beaten along this line.

Meanwhile we have came to a juncture where we can no longer hide our dissatisfaction and total dismay on how purported videos, images and tales are being spread on media with regards to the ongoing battle against bandits with the aim of deceiving people showing that the terrorist are receiving an awful treatment from the security men after we are in knowledge that there is no available network to make those files transferable.

Albeit, don’t be intellectually handicapped on issues with political affiliations, more especially to those that has correlation with the political men you venerate, immensely. As you can have time and capacity to make a thorough scrutiny on any updates thats been brought to you not in favor of your interest then please be just to to your spirit if intellectualism and act simultaneously with same intellectual sagacity in truth seeking upon updates of your choice.

While on the other hand we heard that some among the bandits have fled to other unknown location where they are having a hiding tent there.

Moreover earlier this morning we heard a heartbreaking news that the same crushed bandits invaded another military base in Zamfara state, what an irony ! They are said to have been killed yet launching an attack in one of the most fortress area in the state.

Honestly Something is wrong with this media war against terrorist, we need do away with to do away with politics in such sensitive matters because Boko Haram Saga isn’t far from us and we can fish out any misleading update because we are familiar to it since.

Govt need to do the needful.

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