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Dear Wanderer (1)



By Sabiu Musa Haruna

I’m walking on air to write to you expressing my deep concern about you. I saw Nasseba and Abdurrabihi’s epistles to you. I know you’re such a smooth talker that you can easily sell ice to Eskimos. Wanderer, you must face the chill wind of criticisms, for you must be under the cloud of suspicion for fanning the flame of the endless disagreement in your disserted abode. Your brothers and sisters have an affinity for you, but you fail to build the bridges between them.

Wanderer, I know about your broken promises to your siblings . They bear the hardships of this life with patience. They overcome all the ups and downs of this life. Your no-care attitude towards them makes them suffer the pains and gains of this life severely! The war of words of your relatives to you will never cease until you come back to them, I’m afraid of your waterloo by the series of draconian criticisms of your relatives.

Wanderer, your wanderings and meanderings in the city of hope will be of no avail. A man’s house is his castle. Your dreams to hitch your wagon to a star must be drawn. I know you have an itchy feet, but you must embrace your relatives with open arms. Your way or the highway approcah to your relatives is strict. You should treat them with respect Wanderer.

Wanderer, you must have a stoic endurance of the talks, challenges and criticisms of people. Life is a maidens’ dance in which those in front shuffle to the back. I really sympathize with you for your seemingly endless wandering in the city of hope and hardship. I know Abdurabbihi learns a lot from the University of life, so, I want you too to learn a lot from life itself, Wanderer.

Wanderer, I’m going, but my words for your are endless. I urge you to have the fortitude of treating your relatives with care, humbliness and respect. You must dance with death before you come to terms with the nature of Man. Wanderer, till we meet in the next epistle.

Sabiu Musa Haruna

Haruna can be reached via 08088221999, 08083758791 or

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August 2021
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