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My Thoughts On The JAMB Saga!



By Abdulrahman Yunusa

“Nothing just happened in life without a cause” Law of Causality clearly stated this.

Let’s dissect it this way;

As its now no more question that ” Why everything is getting more expensive than it was before ? ” because people have now realized the logic behind that. Some claim its the change in the global economy that cause that and some goes with the idea of it’s just because that the world is getting crowdy and food is getting scanty due to the acute rise in population same way some goes with the thought that it’s simply because the world giants want to forcefully impose the idea of family planning to people so as to reduce the population.

Well, many versions of stories emerged, both reliable and unreliable and anyone has his reasons and facts to buttress and support points as well.

So same thing may likely to be considered as the reason behind JAMBITES massive failure in the recent exams conducted by the body. Some blame the students for having no good plan to succeed due to their lack of reading culture and many other factors which we can all agree with.

Furthermore, some shift the blame to the teachers for not delivering their assignment well to the students by giving them the required skills for one to succeed in any exams since the questions are not extracted out of their curriculum.

Perhaps both the reasons can be acceptable depending on what has at hand as fact and reasons. I believe that honestly. All the above reasons can be seen as the causative agent of the recent academic tragedy but I have one observation at hand.

Of course, due to the nature of world dynamism many factors may arise to which they could be attributed to the reason behind something occurrence. So to me, the system won’t be exonerated because it’s no longer updated up to the modern standard in our country today.

It’s a fact that Labour market is highly congested by the myriad number of graduates whom are dreaming of getting white collar job through it but unfortunately due to the nature of our economy and population all effort have seemingly remain futile.

Nevertheless, in that regards, the government reason that leaving abundant graduates unemployed is a threat to national peace because you can’t left a well informed person with empty stomach and expect things to be stable. Anything can happen, crime rate will soar high when such nuisances took place.

So in an attempt to reduce the rate of unemployed graduates wallowing in the labor markets, then they come with an idea of blocking ways that will keep the jury to be getting crowdy as its today. As such they consider putting a blockage to the teenagers who are yearning to reach the universities of which are the way where one pass through and reach the labor market.

And since it’s through Jamb they use to get the admission, then they decide to failed them woefully and achieve their targets.

Also those in the universities might likely not elude this plan, some will be retain in the school with an implausible carry overs just to favor the system get relief. So when one experience such black incident, he or she don’t have to bother much because it’s something designed already to favor the interest of both the govt and the system as a whole.

Meanwhile, this may appear as a unpopular thought but at least it has a points that needs to be fully scrutinize and ponder upon.

Therefore, let’s digest them and gauge it with the reality and later we will find our answers of ” What cause the recent massive failure in Jamb ” thereby exploring that one will get a reason to land softly upon the kids he/she sponsored to write the exams.

May we have the chance to take look at the different perspective while figuring out a truth about something or a phenomena.

May we succeed in this life. There is life with or without degree qualifications, because only Allah knows the fortune he attached one soul to and none can change that.

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June 2021
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