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When Playing Politics Put Religion Aside



By Abdulrahman Yunusa

Religion should no longer be a weapon of exploitation of the weaker men rather an instrument of cajoling the powerful and rich to lay their hands to the weaker ones and makes them feel the sense of humanity at it truest form not otherwise. Give out the little you have to those that seems in need of it instead of robbing their last Kobo.

If to say I still have the whims of casting vote again in Nigeria, I had like to go for Moghalu by 2023.

That’s my personal view and opinion as well. I see no reason why people will keep using one of the most respective element in human life to be hurting him with. Knowing how people revere there religion over everything makes smart among politicians to be using clerics in their evil affairs so as to easily get the mind the people. Seeing their respectful men of God in the jury of politics makes them surrender their weapons to accept whatever they are told by their clerics, which is very irrational practices.

So, any idea of aligning religion, region and tribe with politics shall henceforth obtain no portion in my life. Simply because I know I can only practice my religion diligently without politicizing it likewise my region and tribe. But for politics, I can play it smart the way it can benefit humanity at large after my self desire.

I said this for understanding the bitter reality of contemporary socioreligious and political affairs. The relationship between between politics and religion always left the weaker masses at the receiving end, and we can’t be letting some self acclaim Mallams to keep manipulating us for their selfish gains. We are tired of this.

However, the unflinching respect and allegiance we have upon our scholars are there intact, nothing can harm that when it comes to the area of their specialization. We sees them who they supposed to be seen and we shall continue paying them such respect till no time of ending that sumptuous business.

Meanwhile, separating religion from politics could do more good than harm to both the duo more importantly to the religion because its the element that power seekers eye as a ” Dice ” to which they are playing it at the detriment of the talakawas. We would no longer condone this, for we are getting wise every day.

And the unfolded events of 2015 and 2019 respectively are enough to shade us more light on that particular unfair and asymmetrical business that coexist between Fake religious clerics and politicians in their toughest attempts to gullible their followers and sold their right to the hand of heartless men who are wallowing in the political terrain using lies and perfidy to hoodwink voters.

As well as the issue of religious manipulation by the politicians will honestly serve as a lesson to every wise folk. Looking at the way people of Kaduna rush to re-elect their present governor under the banner of religion is very disgusting and unbecoming because he openly brought religion in to his political game or war just to win it easily, and luckily for him, he won, and unfortunately for the masses they are paying the heavy price of their action now.

Therefore until we mind not to consider propaganda on religious basis when it comes to politics, we will never get it right. For I do believe, among the Muslims and Christians there good people and bad eggs, so I must check for who to vote while exercising my suffrage. I must vote the competent and just one irrespective of party or religion.

Nevertheless, Meritocracy should always be at the center of our mind while having political affairs with crooks, they are no longer trustful men, they have for many times deceived us in the name of religion and regionalism. Let’s go for credible candidate with devoid of sentiment or bias, by that we shall get the change we have been yearning for over years.

We have seen and heard a lot, and we are extremely tired of such an excruciating psychological torture in the name of policies using religion as an instrument. And don’t be bored of what Marx opined religion as for he met such improper social setting where fake Men of God are using religion to subjugate people and leave them in hunger and mess.

Rationality above all is the key that will pave us way to enjoy good governance.

Let’s be wise once again brethren.

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