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A Moment With A Promising Writer; Abdulrahman Yunusa



In this exclusive interview with ZAINAB ABDULLAHI of “Northern Literary Forum”, Abdulrahman Yunusa, a poet, an essayist, political analyst and a mentor had an enthralling conversation regarding his literary journey, poetic world and role models.

Abdulrahman Yunusa was born in Darazo LGA of Bauchi state, he was raised and he undergone his early child education there then later he furthered his studies in Bauchi metropolis where he attended JSS 1 to SS 2 at GHUKUC until 2012.

Later, he left Bauchi for Jigawa to complete his secondary school there and fortunate enough he completed it in the year 2013.

And after that, he then came back to Bauchi where he attended Bauchi state University, Gadau to acquire his degree certificate in Political science.

Luckily enough, he completed his UG studies within the duration of 4 years.

He is a writer, a budding poet, an essayist, an advocate of good governance, injustice crusader and advocate of egalitarian society.


Q: What triggered your passion for writing? Was it natural or you discovered your talent along the way?

A: Well, for me, the spirit of writing wasn’t in my blood, that means its not an innate trait when it comes to learning. But very fortunate, my company with some few friends of like minds who are good at literary line made me succumb and derive courage to give this joyous journey a try and here I’m today.

Q: As a Writer, what challenges are you facing, Sir?

A: Actually as you all know, in whatever a person try to delve himself, he must encounter lots of challenges but overcoming those challenges is what matters a lot and its the sign that shows how focus you are.

So, to cut it short, it gave me tough time while learning how to compose a comprehensive article with little or no grammar error though even now I’m not out of the cave but I’m a little bit improving.

And the second challenge is the ability to understand what my readers are deep in love with.

Even though I can’t say I’m doing it well, but I can admit I’m getting much better and I’m progressing fantastically.

Q: How do you overcome writer’s block?

A: By tabling my questions to my superior buddies in the literary cave. By meeting those that have excelled in making the lane colorful by their writing dexterities.

Q: What influenced your writing most,reading or environment? Why

A: For this, I can say both but the most important factor is the reading. I tend to inculcate the habit of my beloved writers, article composers, poets and other essayist to join the train, with the help of my Almighty, the omnipotent here I’m today.

As I speak to you now, I write articles on politics, render my criticism aptly and the most amazing thing is that I’m developing an audience with the little literary experience I have so far.

Q: As a writer, there are times you would have lost your muse, get struck in a scene and/or sometimes you even feel like giving up hope on writing. So my question here is, how do you used to overcome this?

A: Honestly it happens a lot to me, but i used to overcome it by keenly waiting for my muse to pick up or by exercising patience and wait till the moment my mind get rid of the shackles that entrap it.

Q: What’s your first work?

A: Seriously I don’t have a compiled work so far, but I’m trying to make one. Meanwhile, as you know, a social critique must be consumed by many social issues which mostly seems to be unending saga in our domain, so for that sake we can only have time to write recommendation articles to some certain societal vices that may consume us all at night.

Among which I can cite, the most patronize article I have so far is the one I wrote about Almajiri Reform, followed by How to to win the battle against terror, Being a critic is akin to suicide and the rest.

Q: Do you have a role model?
If yes,who?

A: Yes I do, The best among them is our beloved prophet Muhammad S A W 😍 the most benevolent person with an outstanding personality.

Followed by Imam Malik, Imam Darul Hijra, the founder of Malikiyya school of Jurisprudence.

Followed by the social controversial social prophet, Sir Karl Marx, the crusader of injustice, founder of Marxism ideology and a staunch critic of any oppressive idea brought by both economics or tyrants under the basis of political economy.

And it ended with Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman, a Katsina based Historian whose work crossed over the sahara boundary and has reached many European countries more especially North American.

Q: Do you welcome critic, do you love your work being criticized?

A: Why not, I would joyfully love that because I take criticism as ladder to success. Nonetheless, one must feel somehow intrinsically but he must accept it with good faith.

Q: What aspect of writing can you willingly teach?

A: Anyone, so long as I will be accompanied with guiding material.

Q: Have you ever thought of giving up along the way in your literary journey? If yes, Why?

A: Of course, but once. And God was so kind, The Campus Watch Editor, Mr Salim Umar Ibrahim consoled me and coax to an extent that I won’t ever feel to quite the journey rather I was inspired to maintain the gusto together with the tempo unflinchingly.
I’m grateful for having that soul beside me.

Q: Please will you be my Mentor?

A: How can a lazy writer as me be a mentor to his teacher who is an avid learner by mere assumption ?
Deep sigh ! I can only have you as a friend to share and digest ideas together.

Q: What advice do you have for budding writers?

A: For any journey, there is difficulty at it starting point but the more you push, the more you will realize you can make it.

So, all I can say to my friends (Budding writers) is that:
Stay calm and be focus;

Ask when you are about to miss the path;

Develop an intensive reading culture while on your way to the literary edifice;

Seek the hands of your seniors ” Stalwarts ” in thus scarlet affairs, for with the help of others you can reach the zenith stage of literary world;

Possess the courage to ponder well on new emerging issues;

Be updated often;

Make literary world a grandeur place where your heart will find solace and mirth there
And lastly trust yourself massively.

Thank you Sir for honoring our invitation and sharing your literary experience with us.
We really appreciate and we look forward to more literary discussions.

Thank you once again.



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