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POEM: Sweet-Bitter Home



By Ibrahim Garba Ibrahim

Our home had gifted with sufficient,
required resources of different verity

We are the giant of our area,
everyone admires our liberty

We have the largest oil in the area,
and the sixth in the world by quantity

We are the most populous of our area,
even our neighbors witness our hospitality

We have over 206 million populations,
who are always praying for tranquility

We earn the largest economy of our area,
by producing oil of huge quantity

With wealthy and famous businessmen,
enough to fight with our liability

And abundant of usable resources,
powerful to seize our poverty

Despite our huge resource endowment,
Lion’s share of us are in miserable poverty

Still Hunger is busy friending us,
while our unemployment hires an insecurity

The moment these two friends meet you,
forget the development and economic stability

We are the guilty of our problems,
because we are divided more than trinity

And these four group we divide ourselves,
can never allow our growing immunity

Our leaders married a versatile corruption,
And our businessmen’s pity kissed paucity

While our educated register to greediness,
the followers remain with blind stupidity

We know the truth and see it in reality,
but still believing the lies in inanity

The tedious part of this situation,
leader and wealthiest have a great unity

Even though the followers are those suffering,
but they are showing each other enmity

Don’t sell our country for a meal ticket,
pray for the condemnation of this insecurity

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January 2021