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I Killed The Killer



By Musa Yunus

She was not looking all fine that morning when I entered the room. Her usual strength with which she welcomed me was amiss. This season hasn’t really been the type she and her siblings liked and I concluded she must have gone under the weather after I prodded and poked her in the face but she still laid there numb like a crippled widow. Death tolls have risen in these past few months and I can’t afford to lose her too considering I just came out of the shock of her brother’s death.

Severally, I had soliloquises over her beauty and worth. she’s sweet and beautiful and the best I’d do for her before I left for Office was to give her some pills and hope she bounces back before I returned. I quarantined her so that others might not be infected. she was asymptomatic though, it wouldn’t be the virus I assured myself confidently as I exited the room.

While at the office, my thought was with her, her brothers and the sisters too. I prayed hard that they also shouldn’t contract the virus if at all my guess turned out true.

I had nicknamed her Rainbow because of the stripes she wears and everyone who visited me was quick to notice her. My friend had begged me to allow his lineage connects mine. He said he’ll pay me to bring his “big boy” to my house even if it were for two weeks. This I agreed to and since the arrival of his boy, I’ve seen some sort of connection between the duo —They should make a good home.

Upon my return from office, I rushed into their room to see if she’s regained her strength…
there she laid, helplessly gasping to draw her last breath. As if wanting to say something to me, her mouth wide open while she battled to contain her cough. How do I console myself over another looming death. I became loss over what next to do. As so many things raced through my mind and I stood transfixed, Big boy came like a hawk and pounced on rainbow in her dying state. He raped her just before me! I got enraged, picked a knife and slit its throat!

Things became so clearer to me after I made a pot of stew with the Stray rooster I brought into my pen to train but turned out to be a bully that always perched hard on my little hen Which caused her DEATH!

How do I justify my calculations of her worth now when I sell every other bird in that pen?



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December 2020